Ashe Leigh Cooper

Hi! Welcome to the website of Ashe Leigh Gwendolyn Amelia Octavia Winry Cooper, everyone's favorite online tranarchist. Here you can find out pretty simple things about me in a very minimal, if somewhat deficient, website. Also, my blog (work in progress).

General Information


As one would guess, my name is Ashe Leigh Gwendolyn Amelia Octavia Winry Cooper. I came up with the beginning of this name in early 2016, but I could never figure out an adequate middle name. My girlfriend at the time suggested "Leigh" because then it'd sound like "Asheley" which was what passed for humor in her head I suppose. Given that I picked a middle name for her, I went ahead and accepted that. The other names in between my first name and my surname were all just sort of tacked on as I went through the quintessentially trans experience of thinking a different name was better than the one I had, and instead of switching between five names, I figured I'd just have five names. Why not?


Death to America and all its allied nations

Death to all who oppose freedom of the working class

Solve world hunger with the flesh of the rich

Israel is an apartheid state because that is the inevitable course of ethnic nationalism

Louis Lingg was wrongfully convicted but whoever did throw that bomb did nothing wrong

You are valid, unless you're a nationalist

Cis "women" don't even try to be women, but I guess they can call themselves that if it makes them happy

Trans women have a long history of silencing trans men and this is something that we must recognize and overcome, even at the cost of our own comfort

Trans healthcare is a human right because all healthcare is a human right

Family is important, but family is more than bloodlines, family is those friends, lovers, and comrades closest to you

Proprietary software of any kind is disgusting

The only good fascist is a very dead fascist

Anarchy is an action, not something you can be, so don't call me an anarchist unless you see me throwing some bricks


Birthday I was born February 24, 2000CE

Software I currently use two GNU/Linux installations, Gentoo on a Thinkpad E470 and Void on a Thinkpad T61. This server runs Debian GNU/Linux wheezy.

Relationships I am in three polyamorous relationships, and I'd say they're all relatively healthy. I am not open to new partners right now, I haven't the time/capacity.